ISES Structure

The members of ISES form the foundation on which the ISES vision, goals and activities are built. From all over the world, our members form a global community unified through a common goal - to advance the transition to a 100% renewable energy world.

ISES is governed by the Board of Directors, who are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors elects the Executive Committee which works closely with the  Headquarters-Secretariat to implement the decisions of the Board and carry out the Society's activities.

The ISES Sections are organisations working at the national or regional level and represent the international organisation at this level.  Members are encouraged to be involved with the Sections in their area.

The ISES Divisions are organised around technologies and cross-cutting analysis. By joining a Division members have the opportunity to work more closely with colleagues around the globe on specific issues and topics. 

ISES Board of Directors

The ISES Board of Directors meet every year in Freiburg, Germany at the ISES headquarters. During these meetings, the Board of Directors discuss the strategic work plan for the years ahead, the budget and the leadership of the Society. The Board of Directors also constantly evaluate the role the Society is playing in the renewable energy transformation and how best to create pathways towards a 100% renewable energy future.

ISES Sections

The ISES Sections and Collaborating Groups are organisations working at the national or regional level and members are encouraged to be involved with these groups in their area. Please contact individual Country Contacts for more information on ISES related activities at the country level.