ISES White Papers

Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future

This White Paper provides a rationale for effective governmental renewable energy policies worldwide, as well as sufficient information to accelerate effective governmental policies. It is the thesis of this White Paper that a worldwide effort to generate the renewable energy transition must emerge at the top of national and international political agendas. The paper presents a number of policy recommendations related to the following: national multi-year goals; production incentives; financing mechanisms; system wide surcharges; credit trading mechanisms; specific governmental renewable energy quotas, removal of procedural, institutional and economic barriers for renewable energy; facilitation of the integration of renewable energy resources into grids and societal infrastructure; and leveling the playing field by redressing the continuing inequalities in public subsidies of energy technologies and R&D, in which the fossil fuels and nuclear power continue to receive the largest share of support.

Written by Donald W. Aitkin, Ph.D., published 2003.

The English version of the White Paper is here.

The translations of the this White Paper are available here in Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish and Czech.

Renewable Energy Future for the Developing World

This White Paper presents a rational for effective governmental policies on renewable energies in the developing world. It also provides adequate scientific information to make rational and accountable energy policy choices within this context, in support of sustainable development. While fully acknowledging the substantial barriers restraining the developing world, the paper also highlights the momentous and unique window of opportunity. A number of policy recommendations are presented that address the establishment of transparent, consistent long-term targets and regulatory frameworks; financial interventions and incentives; government supported renewable energy technology, R&D and demonstration and education; and encouragement of stakeholder/ public ownership, participation and pride.

Written by Prof. Dieter Holm, published 2006.

This White Paper is available in English, Spanish and Portugese.